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KHS (H&K) Vent Tubes and Can Tubes
KHS (H&K) Vent Tubes

Arthur Products manufactures highly innovative and versatile FloTech vent tubes for KHS (H&K) fillers. All tubes are custom designed to your filling requirements.

Material Options
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nylon (6 colors)
  • All materials FDA approved
Design Options
  • Fixed length
  • Slotted w/adjustable sleeve
  • Stainless stem w/adjustable tip
KHS (H&K) Can Tubes

Arthur Products is the manufacturer of custom designed tubes for KHS (H&K) can fillers. They can be machined to your exact filling requirements.

The tubes are available in a variety of colors. All materials are FDA approved.

When quality and precision count ... count on Arthur Products