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Round Nose Hex (RNH)
Arthur high pressure water blasting Round Nose Hex (RNH) nozzles are specifically designed for the high demands of sewer and drain cleaning contractors.

APC Part Number Female Pipe Thread (NPT)
AP0125RNH-XX 1/8x27
AP0250RNH-XX 1/4x18
APO375RNH-XX 3/8x18
APO0500RNH-XX 1/2x14
AP0750RNH-XX 3/4x14
AP1000RNH-XX 1.0x11.5
XX in part number defines Maximum Working Pressure and/or Geometry variations

Maximum Working Pressure = Up To 15,000psi (1034 bar)

Arthur Products will custom drill up to twelve orifices at no additional charge.

Application Features
  • Hex design which simplifies installation.
Additional Information:
For technical information regarding all nozzles please contact APC at or call 1.800.322.0510