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Chizel-2 (CZ2)
Heavy Penetrator (CZ2) [Tier 2]

The Arthur Products Chizel (CZ) nozzle was designed to penetrate stubborn blockages with 1 straight forward jet, 3 forward jets @ 10°, and sharp edges. Thrusting is accomplished by 6 rear jets @10° back. All jets are a results of custom designed stainless steel heat treated Tier II inserts.

Made from heat treated stainless steel in our Medina Ohio facility, all APC Chizel nozzles and inserts are setup to meet your needs. APC utilizes customer provided information such as system pressure (psi), system flow (gpm), and length of hose (feet) to make the best recommended jetting for a specific application.

APC Part Number Female Pipe Thread (NPT)
AP0375 CZ2-10 3/8x18


  • Designed for general purpose cleaning
  • Jet Pattern
    • 1 Forward Jet @ 0° (Inserted)
    • 3 Forward Jets @ 10° (Inserted)
    • 6 Thrusting/Flusing Jets @ 10° (Inserted)
  • Sharp Cutting Edges for better penetration
  • Knurled for ease of Installation
  • Custom manufactured heat treated Stainless steel inserts

Maximum Working Pressure = Up To 10,000psi (690 bar)

Additional Information:
For technical information regarding all nozzles please contact APC at or call 1.800.322.0510