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Alpha Kit

The Arthur Products Co. offers the AquaNoz® ALPHA KIT™.

This kit is configured for a low flow - low pressure system. Kits are available in 1/8" FNPT and 1/4" FNPT versions and are drilled to the end user's specific pressure and flow.

The ALPHA KIT™ was designed for use by the property owner who has a low pressure system and likes to "do-it yourself". Many property owners live in areas where a professional drain cleaning service is not readily available. The ALPHA KIT™ provides the tools necessary to dislodge solid and partial blockages along with flushing out loose debris such as grease, hard soap, ice, leaves, sand, and etc.

Expand the capabilities of your pressure washing system! Give us a call to order your ALPHA KIT™

All AquaNoz® nozzles are custom drilled to meet your specific needs. Custom drilling relieves the pressure on the operator and applies the water blasting pressure to the task at hand.

Kit Contents Orifice Patterns
Penetrator 1A90-3B60
Flusher 6B45
Deicer/Degreaser 3A45-6B60
Sewer Hose 50’ or 100’  
Orifice Cleaning Tool  
Safety Instructions  
High Impact Carrying  

Ordering a kit from APC is easy. Contact one of our service representatives via phone, fax, or e-mail with your pressures and flows.