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Tow Hook Nozzle
July 19, 2009
Volume 1, Number 1

Tow Hook Nozzle

APC would like to announce the addition of a "new" nozzle to the AquaNozTM water jetting family. The AquaNOZ® TOW HOOK is not like other tow hook nozzles which may simply drill a hole in the top of a standard nozzle and insert an "off the shelf eye hook" which is then bolted or welded into place. The AquaNOZ® Tow Hook is a one (1) piece stainless steel manufactured nozzle. By designing a nozzle with an integrated eye the problem of a hook failing from the nozzle or the wire eye straightening out is eliminated, thus reducing down time and allowing the user to more efficiently complete the cleaning job. Currently, two sizes of Tow Hooks are available, 3/8" and 1/2". Both nozzles are rated for 10,000 PSI operation.

If you want or need to apply 100% of your water jetting force to cleaning, try an AquaNOZ® Tow Hook for your vertical, horizontal, or diagonal applications. If you can attach a cable to it, the AquaNOZ® Tow Hook will faithfully follow you anywhere.

Tow Hook Nozzle
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