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One TOUGH Cnt-r-KUT Elite
February 2014

The Cnt-r-KUT™ ELITE mini was designed to allow an operator to get a mechanical cutter in "Those Tight Places" where other water driven mechanical cutting nozzles fear to go.

APC has now added a linked chain option to the Cnt-r-KUT ELITE series for a more aggressive attack on large root masses.

The Cnt-r-KUT ELITE mini kit is a complete rotating nozzle pipe cleaning system. Manufactured from high grade stainless steel and an Aerospace elastomer, the ELITE mini is designed for effective pipe cleaning. The Elite mini's rotating head can be configured with either chain or cable. A flexible, light weight, centering guide stabilizes the rotating head yielding an excellent 360 internal cleaning. By adding an optional deicing/degreasing head, the ELITE mini's capabilities can be further enhanced.

Linked Chain Configuration: Linked Chain allows for a more flexible approach to removing heavier roots and grease from pipe in good structural condition.

Roller Chain Configuration: Roller Chain is utilized for lighter roots and grease removal from pipe in good structural condition.

Cable Configuration: Cable enables removal of lighter root systems in more delicate pipe.

Cable Configuration: Cable enables removal of lighter root systems in more delicate pipe.


Description Qty
Stainless Steel Body 1
Guide Vane 6 1
Rotor Head for Chain 1
Chain Set 3
Cable Set 3
Orifice Cleaner 1
Tool Case 1
Utility Knife 1
Silver Marker 1
Straight Edge 1
Carrying Case 1
8-32 Screws 3
1/16" Allen Wrench 1
4-40 Screws 2
1/4-28 Locknut 1
3/32" Allen Wrench 1

Patent Pending

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