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Krones Style Vent Tubes
February, 2014

Krones Style Vent Tubes

The Arthur Products Co. (APC) custom manufactures vent tubes for Krones filling machines. APC manufactures the standard configuration Vent Tube with a variety of EPDM liquid spreaders of varying sizes and numerous colors. This Krones style Vent Tube can be custom cut to length by the end user or APC can manufacture a custom vent tube per an approved drawing generated by APC and approved by the custom.

As an option for our valued customers APC can custom manufacture a Krones style vent tube with an adjustable sleeved slot for filling adjustment for various packages. If a customer is familiar with a tipped vent tube of a pointed two hole configuration or a barrel single hole configuration, APC can accommodate these details into a Krones style vent tube.

Lastly, APC custom manufactures Krones style vent tubes of various outside diameters (OD) and inside diameters (ID). APC can also include the many styles of filling adjustments whether it is cut to length, slotted sleeve or an adjustable tip configuration.

All Orders are "Custom" Manufactured

Krones Style Vent Tubes

APC manufactures replacement tubes for:

  • H&K Fillers (Vent & Can)
  • Krones Fillers
  • Simonazzi Fillers
  • Meyer/Crown
  • High Speed
  • Your Filler

APC customer manufactured all replacement component orders to meet the specific needs of each of our customers

APC Vent Tube Design Options

Krones Style Vent Tubes
  • One (1) Piece Tube
  • Fixed Length Tube
  • Slotted Tube with adjustable sleeve (Slip Fit and Threaded)
  • Tube with Adjustable Tip
  • Tube with Adjustable Spreader
  • Quick Change Tube with Snap-In Adapter
  • Wrench Flats, Broach, or Hex for ease in installation and removal
  • Your Custom Design

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