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November, 2013

Adjustable Threaded Sleeves


The Arthur Products Co. (APC) is introducing a proprietary KOLRTWIST™ vent tube.

KOLRTWIST™ vent tubes are an improvement over the conventional sleeve method of fill height adjustment by incorporating a threaded sleeve with color. The threaded sleeve allows for the finest of adjustments to each filling station for optimum filling performance. A supplied lock nut is employed to insure stationary positioning of the threaded sleeve. No more sleeve movement during use due to worn or damaged sleeves. By utilizing KOLRTWIST™ vent tubes you will increase your options for color coding vent tubes to a specific package configuration. KOLRTWIST™ vent tubes are available in Black, White, Brown, Gray, Blue and Purple and are all manufactured from FDA compliant co-polymers. As an additional benefit APC KOLRTWIST™ tubes are more robust than the standard clear sleeve vent tube resulting in a more resilient vent tube assembly.

All Orders are "Custom" Manufactured

APC manufactures replacement tubes for:

  • H&K Fillers (Vent & Can)
  • Krones Fillers
  • Simonazzi Fillers
  • Meyer/Crown
  • High Speed
  • Your Filler

APC customer manufactured all replacement component orders to meet the specific needs of each of our customers

APC Vent Tube Design Options

  • One (1) Piece Tube
  • Fixed Length Tube
  • Slotted Tube with adjustable sleeve (Slip Fit and Threaded)
  • Tube with Adjustable Tip
  • Tube with Adjustable Spreader
  • Quick Change Tube with Snap-In Adapter
  • Wrench Flats, Broach, or Hex for ease in installation and removal
  • Your Custom Design

As an additional benefit to the end user; when you deal with Arthur Products Co. (APC) you are dealing with the manufacturer. APC does not utilize outside sales representation or sub-contractors to manufacture our bottling components; thus eliminating the chance for critical design errors from miscommunications or misunderstandings. When you purchase an APC bottling component you are purchasing from a company with over 65 consecutive years of manufacturing experience.

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