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Guide Option for AquaNOZ® PX Revolver™
May 20, 2010

Guide Option for AquaNOZ® PX Revolver™

The Arthur Products Co. (APC) would like to introduce the "Guide Option" for AquaNOZ® PX Revolvers™. This optional device was designed to prevent the nozzle from coming into contact with the inner wall of the pipe it is cleaning. The AquaNOZ® "Guide Option" is manufactured by Arthur Products from high grade stainless steel and equipped with nylon guides. These guides can be easily installed and trimmed to your specific needs. Guides are immediately available for 1/2", 3/8" and 1/4" PX Revolvers™.

As the manufacturer of AquaNoz® jetting nozzles, APC optimizes each nozzle sold for your unit's pressure, flow, length of supply line, cleaning application and outside environment. Each AquaNoz® nozzle is UNIQUE to the customer and designed for your specific needs.

As with all AquaNoz® products Quality, Value, and Delivery is priority #1 to Arthur Products for all our customers.

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