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November 19, 2009


APC would like to announce the addition of a "new" nozzle to the AquaNoz® water jetting family. The AquaNOZ® EG-A-NATOR was designed for a high flow system and is manufactured from heat treated stainless steel for long use. Its design allows for the EG-A-NATOR to be configured as a penetrator, a flusher, or a de-icer degreaser. The smooth body and radiused edges also make the EG-A-NATOR less susceptible to lodging in a pipe due to broken or sharp edges within the pipe. The heavy duty construction of the EG-A-NATOR makes it perfect for industrial or heavy use environments and as the EG-A-NATOR is a heavy nozzle it will bore down on the sludge resting on the pipes bottom.

Currently, two sizes of EG-A-NATOR are available, 3/8" and 1/2". Both nozzles are rated for 10,000 PSI operation.

As the manufacturer of AquaNoz® jetting nozzles, APC optimizes each nozzle sold for your unit's pressure, flow, length of supply line, cleaning application and outside environment. Each AquaNoz® nozzle is UNIQUE to the customer and designed for your specific needs.

As with all AquaNoz® products Quality, Value, and Delivery is priority #1 to Arthur Products for all our customers.

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