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APC EPDM Spreaders
April 24, 2012

EPDM Spreaders

Arthur Products Co (APC) now manufactures a one piece filling/vent tube for the bottling industry. Does your filling operation have a "set" design? If so, a one piece tube may be a consideration to assist in increasing efficiencies. One piece tubes are manufactured from 300 series high grade stainless steel, a FDA compliant copolymer, or a metal detectable FDA compliant copolymer. APC can manufacture the one piece tube to any design, with standard or metric thread. Working with APC, you can "have it your way!"

APC engineers quality vent tubes and accessories to meet the growing needs of today's bottling industry. We also design and manufacture high pressure nozzles to meet your cleaning requirements. For 66 years, Arthur Products has listened to our customers needs and then set out to find ways to meet those needs. We do it all - from design to manufacturing. We are there for our customer every step of the way.

Contact Information:
Phone 1: 1.800.322.0510
Phone 2: 1.330.725.4905
Fax: 1.330.722.2698
E-Mail: apc@apclsq.com
Website:: www.arthurproducts.com
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