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Add Color to your Slotted Vent Tubes
November, 2010

Color Vent Tubes

The Arthur Products Co. (APC) is introducing COLOR to vent tubes equipped with sleeves. No longer will you be limited to a clear sleeve for you fill height adjustments. Colored Sleeves are available in Black, White, Brown, Gray, Blue and Purple and are all manufactured from FDA compliant co-polymers. As an additional benefit APC colored sleeves are thicker and more robust that the standard clear sleeve resulting in a more resilient sleeve for your slotted tubes.

As with all APC filling products your order is custom manufactured to meet your specific needs.

APC manufactures replacement tubes for:

  • H&K Fillers (Vent & Can)
  • Krones Fillers
  • Simonazzi Fillers
  • Meyer/Crown
  • High Speed
  • Your Filler

APC TUBE Design Options:

  • One (1) Piece Tube
  • Fixed Length Tube
  • Slotted Tube with adjustable sleeve (Slip Fit and Threaded)
  • Tube with Adjustable Tip
  • Tube with Adjustable Spreader
  • Quick Change Tube with Snap-In Adapter
  • Wrench Flats, Broach, or Hex for ease in installation and removal
  • Your Custom Design

APC believes in QDV. Quality which is unsurpassed, Delivery which is unrivaled, and Value to our customers which is unmatched.

Contact Information:
Phone 1: 1.800.322.0510
Phone 2: 1.330.725.4905
Fax: 1.330.722.2698
E-Mail: apc@apclsq.com
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