High Quality Custom Engineered Vent Tubes

Vent Tubes/Filler Tubes
Add Color to your Slotted Vent Tubes

Arthur Products Co. engineers quality vent tubes and accessories to meet the growing needs of today's bottling industry. Our complete line of high-impact vent tubes are designed to prevent chipping, glass inclusion and protect the finish on glass and PET bottles as well as enhance filler performance, simplify maintenance and improve productivity.

Arthur Products custom manufactures vent tubes to fit the following fillers:

Simonazzi Vent Tubes
KHS / H&K Vent Tubes & Can Tubes
Krones Vent Tubes
High Speed Vent Tubes
Meyer / Crown Vent Tubes

Arthur Products Co. offers a complete line of tools and accessories get your filler back online as fast as possible and reduce total system down time.

FloTech Accessories & Parts
FloTech Tools

All materials are USA/FDA approved.

Arthur Products carries custom designed accessories such as adjusting blocks, drill jigs, sleeve installation tools, adjusting yokes, stem and disc wrenches and more. These custom accessories are designed to allow immediate on-line adjustments with minimal downtime.

Additionally, we carry a wide array of replacement parts including spreaders in various sizes and colors as well as Delrin and Celcon tips of various sizes and colors.

Contact our sales associate, Judy Coffman, with questions or orders.